Author: Ben Colgate

Meditation – The Benefits

Unfortunately stress is an unavoidable part of life. Things happen to us on a daily basis that are succinctly, out of our control; that’s life, that’s just the way things are, however it’s the way we react to daily life stresses that has a long lasting effecting on our physical and psychological well being. We’ve […]

Understanding Stress

Every day we are faced with frustrations, worries, uncertainty and ever increasing demands. Whether it’s your boss giving you a hard time, the kids running you ragged, or worries about your finances, stress can affect anyone at anytime and often reveals itself physically as well as mentally. Left to its own devices, stress can become […]

The Importance of Proper Hydration

Over the last few years we’ve had it drilled into us just how important it is to keep hydrated. Drinking just eight glasses of water per day will ensure good health, brighter skin, better hair, and aid us with weight loss. However much we are told that hydration is the elixir of youth, looking good […]

How Important is Shoulder Mobility?

Often a common complaint amongst weightlifters, shoulder pain and shoulder injuries are regularly as a result of poor technique and possible over training. Having inflexible shoulders can hinder performance of certain lifts such as the squat or bench press, however these nagging shoulder problems that are frequently at the root of most body builders woes […]


Aspiring to be lean, strong and agile while improving endurance levels are the main goals of an average gym-goer. However, common barriers such as not having the time, money and sometimes the energy to be hitting the gym every day that the majority of these goals require. While lifting weights regularly is a great tool […]

Is Bodyweight Exercise Here To Stay?

Over the years we have witnessed many fitness trends come and go. While some have the ability to stand the test of time, a number of these exercise fads often vanish once the novelty has worn off. One exercise trend that is set to stay is bodyweight exercise. Proving that achieving your fitness goals doesn’t […]