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Primal Movement – How Nature Intended

When you hear the words ‘primal movement’ you can be forgiven for conjuring up images of Neanderthal man strutting around with slumped shoulders after a hard day of hunter gathering. If however we can pull ourselves away from the Fred Flintstone figure and really think about how our primitive ancestors will have looked, naturally, we […]


Aspiring to be lean, strong and agile while improving endurance levels are the main goals of an average gym-goer. However, common barriers such as not having the time, money and sometimes the energy to be hitting the gym every day that the majority of these goals require. While lifting weights regularly is a great tool […]

Is Bodyweight Exercise Here To Stay?

Over the years we have witnessed many fitness trends come and go. While some have the ability to stand the test of time, a number of these exercise fads often vanish once the novelty has worn off. One exercise trend that is set to stay is bodyweight exercise. Proving that achieving your fitness goals doesn’t […]