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Does Practice Truly Make Perfect?

Undoubtedly, ‘practice makes perfect’ is an expression we’re all familiar with. Tasks such as rehearsing music, preparing a big business presentation or trying to nail a handstand are all relatively short term in the grand scheme of things. However they all take time, patience and precision to achieve the desired end result. Let’s look at […]

Meditation – The Benefits

Unfortunately stress is an unavoidable part of life. Things happen to us on a daily basis that are succinctly, out of our control; that’s life, that’s just the way things are, however it’s the way we react to daily life stresses that has a long lasting effecting on our physical and psychological well being. We’ve […]

Understanding Stress

Every day we are faced with frustrations, worries, uncertainty and ever increasing demands. Whether it’s your boss giving you a hard time, the kids running you ragged, or worries about your finances, stress can affect anyone at anytime and often reveals itself physically as well as mentally. Left to its own devices, stress can become […]