“Since having my baby Ben has been just amazing slowly and carefully building my strength and fitness back up.”

"I have been training with Ben for the last 18 months. Within a couple of weeks of training with him I discovered I was pregnant. Ben has therefore had quite a task training me through pregnancy and then afterwards helping me regain my strength, fitness and general health.
As any woman who has been pregnant before will know you can feel very vulnerable physically when in the throws of pregnancy. At no time during my training with Ben did I feel in any way vulnerable. I felt in very safe hands and could clearly see he had researched and carefully considered every exercise he gave me. Due to Ben's training and care I had a good pregnancy and felt strong and full of energy. Ben trained me in such a way that I never felt limited or frustrated by all the things I couldn't do and instead introduced so many other appropriate ways to train which were equally challenging just in a different way. I also believe strongly that due to the nature of the training with Ben I was able to recover much quicker physically from the birth.
Since having my baby Ben has been just amazing slowly and carefully building my strength and fitness back up. Initially on returning all the training I did with him was again really carefully considered. He took a steady and sensitive approach always having my best interests at the fore front of his mind. Slowly but surely with lots of encouragement I am now 7 months postpartum and feel fitter, healthier and stronger than ever.
It's very easy to find personal trainers but not easy to find someone like Ben who is a true professional and very individual. He is incredibly good at what he does. He goes out of his way to help you and has a huge knowledge of many aspects of fitness and health and is always happy to impart that knowledge to help reach your goals. He is passionate about fitness and general well being and this shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His sessions are always varied and interesting in fact often really creative but also challenging always motivating me to push past my perceived limits to get results. He also places a high value on correct form and technique. He is very easy to be with. His friendly, calm and approachable nature makes him a total pleasure to work with. I can't recommend him more highly"


H. C

Holybourne, Hampshire