The Benefits of Yoga Practice

Like meditation, the art of yoga is an ancient practice that has always been held in high regard. With both medical and fitness experts recommending yoga as a form of exercise and a way of relieving tension and stress, this widely accepted practice offers more than just physical benefits.

Going far beyond improving flexibility, the teachings of yoga favour inner wellbeing and develop a sense of mindfulness with a distinguished and plentiful set of poses and slow guided movements. Using the flow of breath to transition from one asana to another will bring this practice to life giving you fulfilment and wholeness.

Yoga is a known healer for aches and pains and therefore a fantastic addition to an existing routine. Increasing blood flow to all major muscle groups and advancing flexibility, this age old practice sees a person grow both physically and mentally. For many years yoga has had a huge impact on the fitness world; increasing core strength and developing a more stable posture are just two of the many life changing benefits this practice offers. Particularly valuable for those who suffer recurrent back pain and joint stiffness, yoga encourages balance and is used as a preventative measure for bone health, rather than an all-out cure. From decreasing blood pressure to toughening up those joints and regulating adrenal glands, if you’ve not yet delved into this as part of your regular exercise routine, I highly recommend you give it a try.

When it comes to your psychological wellbeing, yoga, when done regularly, offers a great sense of self awareness and encourages acceptance. Peace of mind is something we all strive for when it comes to finding stress relief and there is no doubt that yoga can give us that.

Encouraging us to relax in a mindful way is seated at the very core of yoga, while developing a key focus on the present. More often than not, stress is further aggravated by negative thought; thoughts of what might happen in the future while our brain recalls negatively impacting events from our past. Just like meditation, yoga teaches us to live in the present, to build the mental capacity to restore the balance of our nervous system and to help us sleep better.

A suitable commodity for everyone, the search for inner strength can often be stressful in itself, however the teachings that yoga offers can help anyone, no matter their age. You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to benefit, nor do you have to be under an enormous amount of stress to take it under your wing. Yoga is about healing yourself, becoming more in tune with what you need and developing a state of mindfulness that will shine through and positively impact your mental and physical wellness. It will deplete stress, bolster your coping mechanisms and boost the immune system making you a better person, and better placed to deal with stress at every level.