Author: Ben Colgate

Does Practice Truly Make Perfect?

Undoubtedly, ‘practice makes perfect’ is an expression we’re all familiar with. Tasks such as rehearsing music, preparing a big business presentation or trying to nail a handstand are all relatively short term in the grand scheme of things. However they all take time, patience and precision to achieve the desired end result. Let’s look at […]

The Importance Of Hip Mobility

Joint mobility is something which is often ignored by most of us, however, it is an inherent mistake to make. With the flexibility of our entire bodies relying on the health and wellness of our joints, it’s surprising that very few people know, or even care about looking after their joints, and fail to do […]

Primal Movement – How Nature Intended

When you hear the words ‘primal movement’ you can be forgiven for conjuring up images of Neanderthal man strutting around with slumped shoulders after a hard day of hunter gathering. If however we can pull ourselves away from the Fred Flintstone figure and really think about how our primitive ancestors will have looked, naturally, we […]